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Victorian Bournemouth (139)
Third Period

Victorian Bournemouth (138): Springbourne (2)

Kinship support groups Introduction Victorian Bournemouth (138) explores active kinship groups as a possible reason for Springbourne’s rapid population growth in the 1870s. Victorian Bournemouth (138): background Decline in rural population Despite lying in Hampshire, Bournemouth attracted many migrants from Dorset towns and villages. At least three adult natives of almost forty Dorset towns and […]

Victorian Bournemouth (134)
Third Period

Victorian Bournemouth (133): the missing £5 note (1)

Downstairs v Upstairs Introduction Victorian Bournemouth (133) examines events concerning a parlourmaid who sued her former employer for libel in 1872. The case has a tangential association with Bournemouth, but it highlights how the law could on occasion balance the relationship between affluent and working people. In this case, Lydia Crouchman, a parlourmaid, sued her […]